I know why you like this movie: Interpretable Efficient Multimodal Recommender


Recently, the Efficient Manifold Density Estimator (EMDE) model has been introduced. The model exploits Local Sensitive Hashing and Count-Min Sketch algorithms, combining them with a neural network to achieve state-of-the-art results on multiple recommender datasets. However, this model ingests a compressed joint representation of all input items for each user/session, so calculating attributions for separate items via gradient-based methods seems not applicable. We prove that interpreting this model in a white-box setting is possible thanks to the properties of EMDE item retrieval method. By exploiting multimodal flexibility of this model, we obtain meaningful results showing the influence of multiple modalities: text, categorical features, and images, on movie recommendation output.

ML4MD ICML Workshop
Michal Daniluk
Michal Daniluk
Research Scientist

My research interests include graph representation learning, recommendation systems, behavioral user representations, NLP.