LiveScan3D: A Fast and Inexpensive 3D Data Acquisition System for Multiple Kinect v2 Sensors.


LiveScan3D is a free, open source system for live, 3D data acquisition using multiple Kinect v2 sensors. It allows the user to place any number of sensors in any physical configuration and start gathering data at real time speed. The freedom of placing the sensors in any configuration allows for many possible acquisition scenarios such as: capturing a single object from many viewpoints or creating 3D panoramas with multiple devices located close to each other. Thanks to the off-the-shelf Kinect v2 sensor the system is both accurate and inexpensive, opening 3D acquisition up to more recipients. In the paper we describe our system with the algorithms it is using and show its effectiveness in multiple scenarios including head shape reconstruction and 3D reconstruction of dynamic scenes.

International Conference on 3D Vision
Michal Daniluk
Michal Daniluk
Research Scientist

My research interests include graph representation learning, recommendation systems, behavioral user representations, NLP.